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How Important is Rural Addressing?

Having a properly marked and identifiable rural address helps travellers, service providers and emergency services locate rural properties.‚Äč

The black and white numbers on properties along rural roads are for Ambulance and other emergency services as well as other service providers such as Australia Post, Essential Energy and Telecommunication companies, to be able to quickly and easily locate someone who needs help.

“Emergency services have reported that they have experienced delays in assisting people on properties due to property numbers being either missing or obscured by trees,” said Warrumbungle Shire Council Mayor, Councillor Denis Todd. “This is a reminder to property owners that the numbering on their gate posts needs to be maintained and if numbers are missing it is in the interests of property owners to replace them.”

Rural addressing, just like urban street addressing, involves placing a unique number on a fence or gate near the property entrance. The number assigned to a property follows a logical sequence along a road based on distance from another road or location. Numbers being in place is a vital tool for emergency and other service providers to locate a property and determine how far along a road they have travelled.

“Changes to localities is still occurring in some areas in the Shire. The locality, sometimes referred to as a suburb, is a component of a property address and for some years now Council has been changing locality boundaries to improve rural addressing. In progress at the moment are changes to the localities of Purlewaugh, Ulamambri, Dandry and Coonabarabran. All proposed changes to localities are advertised by the Geographical Names Board and, once gazetted, Council will notify property owners of their new address,” Cr Todd explained. 

For enquires regarding rural addressing or to obtain rural property numbers, please contact Council’s Emergency Services Coordinator on (02) 6849 2000. 

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Rural Adressing 1

Image: Rural Addressing Numbering across the Warrumbungle Shire Council Area

Last Updated: 29 May 2020