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Residential Addressing Program

Improving the accuracy of residential addressing is an initiative by the state government under the Residential Addressing Program. 

The program aims for all residents across the Warrumbungle shire to have a unique address.  This will increase the efficiency and effectiveness for delivery of services, emergency response and support a range of government activities.

The residential address database is utilised by government agencies, emergency services and utility services such as Telstra.  With support from emergency services in the Warrumbungle region, Council plans to improve addressing accuracy, in particular to expedite the response time of emergency services to the correct address.

There are over thirty localities in the Warrumbungle shire, and six post offices.  The Residential Address database refers to a resident’s locality as their suburb, and does not refer to the resident’s local town as their suburb. This means the suburb in a resident’s postal address may be different to the suburb in the residential address database.  This impacts calls to 000, where the caller must refer to their locality as their suburb or town, and not the suburb or town of their postal address for accurate location of the emergency.

Collaboration with Land and Property Information (LPI), the Geographical Names Board (GNB), emergency services and residents of the Warrumbungle shire is required to improve the residential addressing system.

Further Information

 You can also find further information by:
     • Download the Property Addressing System Program Fact Sheet
     • Visit the Land and Property Information website at http://www.lpi.nsw.gov.au/about_lpi/comprehensive_property_addressing_system
     • You may also contact Council and speak to our GIS Officer.

Council has piloted the Residential Addressing System Program with residents in the north of the shire around Baradine, and is currently implementing the program in the areas around the village of Cobbora, the Locality of Bomera and the Locality of Binnaway. Stage Three proposes the expansion of the Locality of Coonabarabran to encompass the localities of Wattle Springs, Tannabar and the southern end of Dandry. The program will be progressively implemented in other areas of the shire.

Last Updated: 19 Sep 2018