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Public Registers

Disclosure of Interests

Disclosure of pecuniary and other interests prescribed by clause 4.21 of the Model Code of Conduct for NSW Councils.

Disclosure of Interest Returns - Councillors 2019

Councillor Denis Todd (Mayor)
Councillor Aniello Iannuzzi (Deputy Mayor)
Councillor Kody Brady
Councillor Anne-Louise Capel
Councillor Fred Clancy
Councillor Ambrose Doolan
Councillor Wendy Hill
Councillor Ray Lewis
Councillor Peter Shinton 

Disclosure of Interest Returns - Designated Staff 2019

Roger Bailey (General Manager) 
Saumik Chatterjee
Dale Oliver
Kim Parker
Leeanne Ryan
Ashleigh Stewart
Ken Stratton
Kevin Tighe


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Last Updated: 21 Nov 2019