Drought Communities Programme 2020/2021

Another round of Drought Communities Programme - Extension grants worth $1million has been allocated to Warrumbungle Shire Council.

Projects in Progress 

🚩 Coolah Community Hall Upgrade 

The Committee is currently in the process of compiling quotes and establishing an order of works for the upgrade.

🚩 Dark Sky Awakens Festival Seed Funding 

The 2020 Event was cancelled due to COVID-19. Allocated grant funds will be used to run the event in 2021. 

 All projects are required to be completed by 30 June 2021.


Completed Project

See a list below of project that have been completed under the Drought Communities Programme 2020/21 - Extension funding. 

✔ Refurbish Old Basketball Courts, Coonabarabran Sport and Recreation Centre

The post and rail bollards have been installed on the car park perimeter and the front of the pump park replacing the rusted chain wire fence. This has enhanced the open appearance of the site.

This project has now been completed. 



90-2022 Coonabarabran Pump Park - 11-03-2022 image 2


 Digital signage at the Coonabarabran Visitors Information Centre 

The digital sign has been installed and connected to power. This project was completed in October 2021

Coonabarabran VIC Digital Sign

 Binnaway Bowling Club – Kitchen appliances 

Appliances have been delivered and installed.

✔ Shade structure over Binnaway Skatepark 

The Binnaway Skate Park shelter has now been completed and ready for the community to use. 

204-2021 Binnaway Skate Park Shelter image

✔ Mendooran Sportsground Fence 

This project is now complete.

Mendooran Oval Image 


✔ Purlewaugh Mechanics Institute Refurbishment 
The installation of the ceiling and other associated works have now been completed at Purlewaugh Mechanics Institute Hall. Positive feedback has been received on the completed project.

34-2021 Purlewaugh Hall Ceiling Installation IMAGE 2


✔ Binnaway Jockey Club Amenities Building 
This project has now been completed. 

Binnaway Jockey Club Amenities Building 3


✔ Paint Baradine Hall exterior 
Updated 13 May 2021

Painting the exterior of the Baradine Hall has now been completed. 

Baradine Hall completed painting


✔ Show Society Events Support [Coonabarabran, Binnaway, Baradine, Mendooran and Dunedoo Shows, Coolah Campdraft and Coolah Rodeo].

Due to COVID-19, some 2020 shows had to be cancelled. Funding for the cancelled events will go to running their 2021 shows.

Coonabarabran Show Image

✔ 2020 North West Equestrian Expo Event Support 
The 2020 Event was cancelled due to COVID-19. Allocated grant funds will be used to run the 2021 event scheduled between 4 - 8 June 2021.

✔ Ramp Access to Coolah Council Office 

Council Administration Building in Coolah did not have a disabled access ramp at the front of the building to cater for the public with mobility impairment. Council received funding from Drought Communities Fund Round 2 to construct a disabled access ramp to this building. The construction of this project was completed on Friday 14 May 2021, and the stairs and ramp are open to public to access.

Coolah Access Ramp

✔ Rural Small Centre Empowerment Events
The Building Our Warrumbungle Communities project is a collaboration between Rotary, Rural Resilience, the National Association for Loss and Grief (NALAG), and Council that is set to develop customised strategies to stimulate economic renewal and communities.”  This specialised project will involve consultancy work from renowned rural community renewal expert, Peter Kenyon. 
“Peter will conduct interactive planning activities with community members focussing on ‘first impressions’, asset mapping, opportunity identification and customised strategies will be developed to stimulate communities and economic renewal within each Shire town. Activities were scheduled for 8-19 February 2021 but had to be postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions at the time. Activities have been rescheduled for May 2021.

✔ Building Local Pathways 
Activities have been ongoing since March 2020 including  Warrumbungle Goose chase during COVID-19 lockdown, Repainting of Coonabarabran Skatepark, Virtual Regional Youth Leadership Summit, White Ribbon Campaign purchase of one flag for each town.  Planning is currently taking place in the provision of Save A Mate Train the Trainer course to be delivered to young people across the Shire, the 2021 Warrumbungle Regional Youth Leadership Summit, Summer holiday pool events in January 2021, Safer Driver Courses in February/March 2021 and Active Citizenship Initiative in March 2021.

Repainting Skatepark Image