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Contacting Council

You may contact Council offices by email, phone, letter, visiting an office or completing the Customer Requests and Complaints Form. 

Warrumbungle Shire Council has two offices, one in Coonabarabran and one in Coolah.


Contact Us by

Email - info@warrumbungle.nsw.gov.au

Phone 02 6849 2000 or 02 6378 5000

Opening Hours 

8:30am till 4:30pm 

Coonabarabran Office
PO Box 191
14-22 John Street
Coonabarabran 2357

If phoning from outside the shire or by mobile phone - 6849 2000
Fax - 6842 1337

Coolah Office
59 Binnia Street
Coolah 2843

If phoning from outside the shire or by mobile phone - 6378 5000
Fax - 6377 1486

Online - complete our Online Customer Request Form

The Warrumbungle Shire Council Customer Service Charter describes how we ensure our customers receive efficient, responsive and friendly service.


Customer Requests and Complaints

Requests for information, the lodgement of comments, the reporting of problems or making of complaints can all be made by one of the below options.

1. Download and complete the Customer Requests and Complaints Form.
2. Complete the online Requests and Complaints Form by clicking here. The information will be electronically registered and forwarded to the appropriate officer.
3. Drop into the administration office in Coolah or Coonabarabran and complete a Customer Requests and Complaints Form.

All requests and complaints received by email, online, over the counter or by phone (except direct to Council staff mobiles) are registered under our Customer Request Management system, and attended to as per the Customer Service Charter.


 Contact Details: 

General Enquiries – Coonabarabran

Warrumbungle Community Care             6849 2200

Connect 5                                                6849 2226

Library - Coonabarabran                         6842 1093

Visitor Information Centre                       6849 2144

Youth Development Officer                    6849 2222


General Enquiries – Coolah

Warrumbungle Community Care           6378 5130

Library – Coolah                                    6377 1910

Library – Dunedoo                                 6375 1468


After Hours Emergencies

Northern Emergencies                           6849 2000

Southern Emergencies                          6378 5000


Swimming Pools

Baradine                                              6843 1882

Binnaway                                             6844 1579

Coolah                                                 6377 1121

Coonabarabran                                   6842 1479

Dunedoo                                             6375 1087

Mendooran                                          6886 1219

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Last Updated: 16 Sep 2022