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Off Leash Areas

The establishment of seven leash-free areas in the Warrumbungle Shire is part of a commitment by Council to promote responsible pet ownership and voluntary compliance, within the objectives of the Companion Animals Act.

As part of this process, consideration was given to accessibility, boundaries for containment and existing amenities.

What is an Off-leash Area?

An off-leash area is a designated space where your dog may be allowed to run around without the restraint of a leash.  Off-leash areas exist to encourage the basic principles of responsible pet ownership and to assist members of the public living in town, or with small blocks to exercise their pets.  Exercise is beneficial for you and your pet.  Most nuisance (barking and roaming) dog problems arise from boredom experienced by the animal and can be rectified or improved with regular exercise.

Leash Free Area Locations

Baradine - Barwon Street

Binnaway - Primitive Camping Ground, Castlereagh Avenue

Coolah - Corner of Charles and Binnia Street

Coonabarabran - Dalgarno Street 

Dunedoo - Milling Park

Mendooran - Camping Ground

Responsibilities of Dog Owners in Leash Free Areas

Please be aware that Leash Free Areas are provided to cater for the needs of all dog owners and exist to promote responsible pet ownership.  At all times the owner responsibilities apply as per the Companion Animals Act.  It is your responsibility as a pet owner to ensure that your animal is under effective control, whether in an off-leash area or not.  If you reasonably suspect that your pet may not be friendly towards other animals, please ensure that it remains muzzled whilst in a public place.  Fines for a dog attack (currently $1320) still apply within a leash-free area.

Last Updated: 16 Apr 2021