Animal Paws in the Heat - Responsible Animal Ownership

With the soaring temperatures and more animals presenting to the pound with burnt paws, it is important for dog owners to be aware of the dangers of the heat. 

“It has been disheartening the number of animals coming into Council’s pound with burnt paws due to the sheer heat of the ground they are roaming around on,” said Warrumbungle Shire Council Mayor, Councillor Ambrose Doolan. “If you cannot walk on the road in bare feet because it is too hot and will burn your feet, then it will also burn your pets’ feet. Their paws are sensitive and can easily succumb to being burnt”

Even though a pets’ paws may be ready to take on the toughest terrains, they are surprisingly vulnerable to burns, particularly in the summer months when asphalt and concrete footpaths become heated. Severe burns, as well as being very painful for your dog, take a long time to heal and can also increase your dog’s risk of developing an infection. 

Symptoms to look out for in animals who may have burnt paws are: limping or lameness that shifts between legs, reluctance to walk, licking or chewing their paws, patchy discoloration of the paw pads, blistered paw pads and/or peeling paw pads, or flaps of skin. 

If you notice any of these signs, it is important to have them checked by your vet rather than assuming the cause. Burns are very painful and your animals may need veterinary treatment and prescribed pain relief.

Council has grassed off-leash areas in each town to walk dogs safely. If you are unsure where the areas are go to Council’s website and find all the locations under the Animals tab under the Residents Services.

For any more information contact Council’s Compliance Officers on (02) 6849 2000. 

“There are lots of pets around the Warrumbungle Shire Local Government Area and they are part of our families so take care of them and please remember if you feel hot and thirsty, they do too,” Cr Doolan concluded. 

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Last Updated: 24 Jan 2024