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Development Proposals


The following development application (DA78/2019) has been lodged and is on public exhibition: 

Description of Land

Church Street, Uarbry

Lot 1 Section 6 DP 759014


Grant Piper

Consent Authority

Warrumbungle Shire Council

Brief Description of Development

Shade structure for proposed car park area.

Development Application available for inspection


Thursday 23 January 2020 to Wednesday 5 February 2020


Warrumbungle Shire Council, Coonabarabran Office and Coolah Office during normal office hours from 8:15am to 4:30pm.


  • The Development Application and associated documents may be inspected between 23 January 2020 and 5 February 2020 (inclusive) at Councils Coonabarabran and Coolah Offices during normal trading hours. 


  • Any person may make a written submission to the consent authority concerning the development application.


  • If a submission is made by way of objection, the grounds of objection must be specified in the submission.

Last Updated: 21 Jan 2020