Managing Stormwater

Wet weather events across the region indicate the current stormwater infrastructure in some Warrumbungle townships is not coping during a major storm. To fund upgrades in stormwater infrastructure, property owners are co-contributing a small levy from 1 July 2016 as part of their general rates notice. 


An annual storm water levy of $25 per residential assessment, and a business assessment rate starting from $25, will contribute towards generating funds to manage stormwater.  This small levy will raise around $105,000 a year. 


Focusing on the impacts of stormwater runoff during major wet weather events, the Warrumbungle Stormwater Plan will target localised flooding and the risk of houses being inundated. Funds raised by the levy will be used for managing stormwater, and for seeking additional funding from state and federal government grant programs. Managing stormwater will improve the quality and quantity of stormwater that flows off a parcel of privately owned land.

Levy funding can only be used on the planning, construction and maintenance of

  • drainage systems, such as pipes, channels, retarding basins and water receiving urban stormwater
  • stormwater treatment measures, including gross pollutant traps and constructed wetlands
  • stormwater harvesting and reuse projects

Levy funds can also be used for

  • community and industry stormwater pollution education
  • inspection of commercial and industrial premises for stormwater pollution prevention
  • cleaning up of stormwater pollution incidents
  • water quality and aquatic ecosystem health monitoring of waterways
  • non-permanent staff specifically appointed to work on stormwater management projects

The Warrumbungle Stormwater Plan details proposed stormwater projects for the following Warrumbungle communities over the next five years

  • Baradine - flood levee design and construction
  • Binnaway - pipe renewal at Renshaw and Railway Streets; pipe drainage system at Norman and Yeubla Streets
  • Coolah - drainage study at Bowen Oval, Goddard and Martin Streets; pipe drainage at Goddard, Binnia and Martin Streets
  • Coonabarabran - drainage pipe at Belar, Merebene and Barker Streets; concreting of open channel at Cowper Street; pipe drainage and design on Newell Highway opposite Yuluwirri Kids
  • Dunedoo - drainage study, design and pipe construction at Wargundy Street
  • Mendooran - pipe drainage at Cobra Street

For further information on managing stormwater, please visit the following websites or contact our Technical Services team.


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