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Improvements continue to the Namoi Street water main, Baradine

The improvements to the water supply system in Baradine continue with the next stage of the main replacement in Namoi Street set to commence August 2021.

“Works will continue and the next stage of the Namoi Street water main pipeline is planned to commence at the beginning of August 2021,” said Warrumbungle Shire Council Mayor, Councillor Ambrose Doolan. “This next stage will further improve the water supply for Baradine residents by minimising supply interruptions and improving the water quality.” 

The Namoi Street water main pipeline has been identified for replacement as part of the Capital Expenditure Program, due to its aging infrastructure and pipe placement. This has project is being staged over four years, with a total of over a kilometre of new pipeline already installed. 

A further 500 metres of pipeline is scheduled to be installed over the next two years to complete the replacement of the entire main. Half will be completed this financial year with this next stage between Lachlan and Castlereagh Street, and the remaining 250 meters will be completed during 2022/23 financial year.

“The original water main pipeline was placed in close vicinity to trees that line the street. With the trees now maturing the tree roots have grown around the old pipeline contributing to high frequency breakages and supply disruptions, which can potentially cause dirty water,” Cr Doolan explained.  

“This is a big project that will improve the Baradine water supply system. This new main is made from a more durable material, that was not been available when the original pipeline was installed, and it will be placed further away from the tree line along Namoi Street, meaning this infrastructure will not age as quickly,” Cr Doolan said. 

During this construction period residents in or around Namoi Street, Baradine may experience short term supply interruptions and changed traffic conditions while construction of the water main is in progress. Residents will be advised of any planned short-term water supply interruptions ahead of time. 

For more information on the project contact Warrumbungle Water on (02) 6378 5000. 

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Baradine Water Main Namoi Street

Last Updated: 20 Jul 2021