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Castlereagh Family Day Care

Castlereagh Family Day Care is a non for profit, Council based, quality accredited child care service that offers high quality care for children up to 12 years of age in a small group setting in the home of selected registered Educators.

Family Day Care is available to all families requiring childcare for their children. The service operates in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Regulations under the Education and Care Services National Law.

Our Educators provide a safe nurturing home environment to help promote the physical, social and emotional development of children in their care, whilst enabling them to play, learn and develop close relationships with their Educator and other children. Our Educators work in partnership with the Scheme Co-ordination Unit and families to provide an experience for children, which enhances their individual strengths, interests and unique family background.

Care is provided for up to 4 non-school aged children and 2 school aged children, with the maximum number of children being 7 (including the Educators own children) at any one time.

Castlereagh Family Day Care believes in the Early Years Learning Framework and uphold the ideologies of Belonging, Being and Becoming as a way to create holistic approaches towards every child in care. We value the knowledge imparted in this document and use it to shape our practice across the service.

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What is Family Day Care ?
What is Family Day Care?<br /> A Family Day Care Scheme is a network of experienced and registered carers who provide care for other people's children in their own homes.

Last Updated: 19 Sep 2019