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Water Mains Flushing Program

To help ensure a good quality water supply a water main flushing program is undertaken by Warrumbungle Shire Council across the local government area. 

“The flushing of our water mains is a very important part of the water supply process and this  occurs on a regular basis in all towns with a reticulated water supply across the Shire,” said Warrumbungle Shire Council Mayor Councillor Ambrose Doolan. “The aim of mains flushing is to remove natural sediment build up in the mains pipes allowing clean, safe water supplies to be delivered to residents.”

Council’s flushing program has been carefully planned for specific areas to be flushed regularly. The areas selected may be known to have low chlorine, older cast iron pipes, or be of high or low elevation. 

“The Warrumbungle Water team may, at times, increase flushing when mains are being replaced, water meters are being installed or when a water main pipe breaks allowing air to be released out of the pipes and to remove any dirt which may have entered the pipeline during works.”

“Our community members can be assured that Council is not wasting water unnecessarily. While water storage levels are high water is flushed into the gutters or onto nature strips rather than being recycled into a truck. However, when deemed appropriate, during drought times or when water storage is low, a truck will be used to collect and recycle the water again,” said Cr Doolan. 

“If residents are experiencing dirty water they are reminded that they may also need to flush their own house hold pipes by running taps for a couple of minutes. This is the same as Council pipes, house hold pipes can also have a buildup of sediment, especially houses with an older pipe system.”   

If your street does not seem to be getting flushed it means the reticulation area which serves your street is being flushed sufficiently either by good flow and high consumption, or flushing has been completed further along the line.

Water main flushing is a requirement and standard practice for any local water authority. All flushing is recorded to ensure appropriate free chlorine and turbidity levels are within the Australian Drinking Water Guideline parameters.

“Council is committed to providing safe potable water for our community members and by completing the flushing program it will ensure our water supply meets standards,” concluded Cr Doolan. 

Last Updated: 13 Apr 2021