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Recycle this Christmas

Not only is Christmas time a time for us to get together and give gifts, it’s often the time of year we generate the most waste and recycling. 

With our homes full of festive cheer, toys, wrapping paper, tinsel and fun, Council is encouraging residents to think about what can be recycled and what has to be placed into the waste bins when celebrating this year. 

During the Christmas period waste sites see an increase of around 30% more rubbish entering the facility compared to other times of the year. Across the Warrumbungle Shire there is only one landfill site that supports the entire Council area. Placing items that can be recycled into the recycling bins decreases the amount of landfill waste across the Shire. 

Kerbside pickup services will continue to operate as normal during this holiday period, covering both recycling and general waste bin, making recycling easier. 

For convenience, Council’s waste facilities have a ‘hole-in-the-wall’ recycling drop area that can be accessed free of charge at any time. Larger, bulky items that can be recycled can be dropped off to the waste facility during normal operating hours. All recycling can be dropped off to waste sites for free. 

For more information on recycling and what can and can’t be recycled visit www.warrumbungle.nsw.gov.au/resident-services/warrumbungle-waste 

NetWaste is another great resource to help with understanding recycling with interactive resources. Visit www.netwaste.com.au

Click here to download the full media release

Last Updated: 06 Dec 2021