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Alcohol Free Zones

Any person found consuming alcohol on any of the subject public roads or car parks within these areas is guilty of an offence and will be liable to confiscation of the alcohol and prosecution.

‘Take-aways’ are permitted to be carried in these zones provided the bottles/cans are unopened and contained within a bag.

In accordance with Section 644 of the Local Government Act 1993,  Council at it’s Ordinary Meeting on 18 July 2019 resolved to renew the Alcohol Free Zones for 4 years in the  following areas:-


  • Dalgarno Street between Charles and Robertson Streets
  • Edwards Street between John and Robertson Streets
  • Cassilis Street between John and Town Hall Car Park
  • Essex Street between John and Charles Streets
  • Timor Lane between Robinson and Charles Streets
  • Timor Street Car Park
  • Town Hall Car Park
  • John Street between the entrance gates to No 1 Oval and Edwards Street - this also includes the road reserve from the Mary Jane Cane Bridge to the Oval gates at the front of the Youth Centre


  • Bullinda Street between Renshaw and Yeulba Streets
  • Renshaw Street between Castlereagh Ave and Bullinda Street
  • Myall Street between Norman and Yarren Streets
  • Yarren Street between Myall and Renshaw Streets


  • Binnia Street between Gilmore and Booyamurra Streets
  • Goddard Street between Central Lane and Binnia Street
  • Campbell Street between Binnia Street and Sherwood Lane
  • Martin Street between Central Lane and Binnia Street, including Car Park


  • Bandulla Street between Yalcogrin and Bramble Streets
  • Pampoo Street between Cobra and Bandulla Streets
  • Yalcogran Street between Cobra Street and Bandulla Street


  • Bolaro Street between Merrygoen and Wallaroo Streets
  • Tallawang Street between Cobborah and Digilah Streets
  • Wallaroo Street between Bolaro and Digilah Streets
  • Wargundy Street between Yarrow and Cobborah Streets


  • Wellington Street between Barwon and Narren Streets
  • Narren Street between Lachlan and Walker Streets
  • Darling Street between Lachlan and Queen Streets
  • Macquarie Street between Barwon and Darling Streets

Last Updated: 07 Feb 2020