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Warrumbungle Road Network – Affected by high intensity rainfall

The road network has experienced some extremely heavy rainfall this week and more is expected in the coming days, as a result of this a number of roads have been closed.

“We understand road closures will frustrate and inconvenience a number of communities, especially during this harvest season, but safety is our prime concern,” said Acting Director Technical Services, Gary Murphy. 

The Warrumbungle Shire manages over 2,500km of roads with 357 causeways, 90 culverts and 60 bridges. Our unsealed road network is 1,543km – about the distance from Coonabarabran to Adelaide!

“With this recent intense rainfall affecting our extensive road network our crews have been out there navigating their way through over 2,500km of road ways and assessing the damage which may have been caused,” said Mr Murphy. 

“Council will continue to monitor the condition of these roads and will be doing some minor repairs where possible but are limited by access and some of the damage is still underwater. At this stage, there is not an accurate estimation of the extent of the damage but Council will know more in the coming days,” said Mr Murphy. 

“Council is currently assessing the situation and will be looking to prepare and submit a funding application for this natural disaster.”

“This will assist in obtaining the funding necessary to carry out the flood damage repairs.”

“In the meantime, and as we anticipate further rainfall, we would urge motorists to monitor Council’s website for the latest up to date information, noting that the situation can change rapidly,” Mr Murphy concluded. 

Remember – if it’s flooded forget it! Don’t walk, ride or drive through floodwater.

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Flooded Roads - Baradine Johns Crossing

Photo Above Road flooding in Cumbil Road, Baradine (Johns Crossing)
Photo Below – A road in Binnaway that has had extensive damaged caused by the rainfall. 


 Flooded Roads Binnaway


Last Updated: 24 Nov 2021