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Companion Animals

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Companion Animal Pounds

Warrumbungle Shire Council operates one companion animal pound within its boundaries, located at Coonabarabran.  Council's pound is operated in a professional manner in accordance with RSPCA guidelines.

Council’s pound is not open to the public and trespassers will be prosecuted.

Any enquiries regarding impounded companion animals can be made during Council’s normal business hours 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday by calling (02) 6849 2000

Surrendering a Companion Animal

Residents may voluntarily surrender their cat and dog to Council's Pound upon completion of a surrender form. It will cost $165 to surrender your animal to Council.

Residents way also surrender a dog or cat that is roaming or uncontrolled and whose owner cannot be identified upon completion of a non-owner surrender form.  

Injured Animals

Injured animals should not be surrendered to the Council.  In the event that an injured animal comes under your notice, the animal should be taken to the nearest Veterinary Practice for treatment. Veterinary Practices can scan animals to local their owners when treatment is required.

Retrieving an Impounded Animal

 An owner wishing to retrieve an animal from the pound after it has been impounded will be required to pay the following fees and charges before the animal is returned to their care:

  • Release fee (first offence) - $52.00 + Micro-chipping and Registration (if not chipped and registered)
  • Release fee (second offence within 12 months) - $88.00
  • Maintenance/sustenance (fee per day) - $21.00
  • All veterinary costs that may be involved.

Under the Companion Animals Act 1998 all animals must be micro-chipped and registered before leaving Council's facility.


Companion Animal Forms

Looking to microchip your companion animal?

Download the form below and take it with you when you get your dog or cat microchipped.

Permanent Identification Form 


Do you need to register your companion animal?

By completing the Registration form below your pet will be registered for life in the companion animal registrar.

Click here to download registration form.

Registration Fees

Animal Fees 202324 image

Need to update or change the details of your Companion Animal?

Download Change of Owners Details form and submit to your local Council Office.

Last Updated: 23 Oct 2023