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Youth of the Warrumbungles


Colour Run - Youth Week

The Youth Development Program is responsible for encouraging, engaging and empowering community youth across the shire. The Program strives for the continued enhancement of the long-term social, economic, and environmental conditions of their community.

The Youth Development program focusses on developing and building upon a culture of positive youth community capacity building through
    • working cohesively with the existing youth services across the shire
    • improving dialogue and best practice sharing between services
    • opening communication around service delivery
    • addressing wider community youth issues holistically
    • breaking down barriers around community perceptions and access
    • raising the positive profile of young people across the shire


Young Snappers Photo Competition


The winners of the Young Snappers Photo Competition themed ‘Our Voice Our Impact’ went to: 

First Prize - Kaitlyn Thomson from Mendooran

 first prize


Second Prize - Johannes Engeln from Coolah

 second prize


Third Prize - Jenny Quera from Coolah

 third prize


Fourth Prize - Johannes Engeln from Coolah

 fourth prize


Last Updated: 14 Jan 2021