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Smart Water Advice


Graphic Town Water Supply - Save Water 

Do you know how much water you use in your home? Many of the towns across Warrumbungle Shire Council Area are on water restrictions is it a great idea to monitor water usage in your own homes. Click here to download a Home Water Audit Kit


The Home Water Calculator allows you to go through each area of your property and calculate your water use. The tool compares your use against the average use in your area. It will also give you a goal to meet. If your water use is lower than this goal - congratulations! If you would like to try to save water and meet the recommended goal have a read of some of the water saving tips and advice. 

Click here to use the Home Water Calculator. 


Smart Water

Warrumbungle Shire Council is a proud supporter of Smart Water Advice

Smart Water Advice is delivered by The Water Conservancy in collaboration with the water industry across Australia and New Zealand to provide everyone with the knowledge to use water efficiently.

The materials making up this program are designed improve your water literacy, help you value of water, influence water using behaviours and reduce water waste.

The following councils and water utilities subscribe to the Smart Water Advice program to help their communities.

Last Updated: 21 Aug 2023