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Three Rivers Regional Retirement Community - October 2019

Since moving a resolution in August 2019 to support an option to demolish and rebuild elements of the Three Rivers Regional Retirement Community  Project  (TRRRC Project), Council is continuing to negotiate with funding bodies and address legal matters relating to the termination of the contract for the project with Boulus Constructions.‚Äč

The resolution from August 2019 supports the option of demolition and rebuilding based on the availability of future funding. The decision to support the option of the demolition and reconstruction was carefully and thoroughly considered by Council and a number of other options were also considered but these were not feasible.

Importantly, the units must remain in place and undamaged while the legal action takes place. Council’s solicitors have prepared and lodged the relevant documents to represent Council in the legal proceedings.

If demolition has to take place the Council will ensure it will salvage and recycle the materials on site.

The TRRRC Project was funded by the State and Federal governments. Council is continuing to lobby to retain the remaining funding for future use to install civil works and services infrastructure.

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Last Updated: 23 Oct 2019