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Coonabarabran Water Update 9 April 2018

For the week commencing Monday, 9 April 2018, the water level at Timor Dam was 25.25% of dam capacity. This is a 0.5% reduction in the last seven (7) days.

It is expected that outflow from Timor Dam will cease to operate under gravity when the level reaches 20% of capacity. Based on the current depletion rate the cease to flow level will be reached around mid-May 2018. A pump out system has been installed to access the water when outflow by gravity is no longer available.

Works are continuing on the emergency bores along Timor Road and on infrastructure for raw water delivery at the Water Treatment Plant. This will equip the town of Coonabarabran with emergency water when the Timor Dam is no longer able to provided sufficient water supply.

Average daily water consumption over the last week was 0.81Ml per day. No targets have been formally set for average daily consumption, however it is desirable to lower the current consumption rate to an average daily consumption of around 0.45Ml per day.

The average daily consumption (Ml per day) recorded over seven (7) days, by week, for the last six (6) weeks is:













Residents are asked to continue to limit their water usage wherever possible. Your efforts to minimise use at this time is greatly appreciated.

Residents are reminded that failure to comply with restrictions may result in a fine or disconnection of your service. Active patrolling of streets in Coonabarabran, to check compliance with water restrictions, is being undertaken each day.

For a range of water saving tips and full details of Level 6 water restrictions, please refer to the Water Update Information page on Council’s website or visit the Council Offices in Coonabarabran or Coolah.

Last Updated: 04 May 2018