Project Update - May 2022

Continuing wet weather has introduced some delay to the Contractors program. The delays have been minimised by altering the sequence of works. This has been achieved by moving away from areas with clay subgrades and maintaining good drainage of the works.
The Contractor has been working on sections 2, 4 and 8. Work on 2 and 4 have been delayed due to the lack of supply of lime for stabilisation. Works were moved to section 8 which does not require lime additive.
The section (8) from Purlewaugh back (2.7km) towards Coonabarabran will be the focus of works from 16 May. Work will be mixing and compacting of the sub base. Base material will be placed following the sub base compaction.
Work on section 2 (west of the May McEvoy Bridge) will recommence in early June as the supply of lime becomes available.