Renewable Energy Zones (REZ)

Central-West Orana Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) is a renewable energy zone being set up by State Government.
The following broad points relate to the REZ project:

• It is the State’s first renewable energy zone, and covers approximately 20,000 square kilometres.
• Incorporates parts of three LGA’s being Warrumbungle, Dubbo and Mid-Western

The below map shows the location of the REZ. 

REZ August

Within Warrumbungle Shire Council, the REZ will impact our LGA, but particularly the localities of Coolah, Leadville, Dunedoo, Birriwa, Cobbora and surrounds.

An interactive map to demonstrate the location of the various wind and solar farms within the REZ can be found on EnergyCo’s website.

Further information on the REZ projects can be found on the Central -West Orana REZ Website Home | EnergyCo (

REZ proposed state significant developments May 2024_001

Click here to download map.