Enhancing Community Infrastructure and Connectivity with New Bus Shelters

Works are set to commence this month on the development and upgrade of new bus shelter infrastructure across the Shire. 

“The development of new bus shelters in key areas, accompanied by adjustments to "Bus Zone" signage in Mendooran, Binnaway, Coonabarabran Visitor Centre, and Coolah is set to commence this month,” said Warrumbungle Shire Council Mayor, Councillor Ambrose Doolan. “These initiatives are part of our ongoing commitment to improving safety, accessibility and connectivity for all residents and visitors within our community.”

In alignment with the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport and guidelines set by the Australian Human Rights Commission, this project will include necessary alterations to existing bus zone layouts to ensure compliance with accessibility standards.

The primary focus of this project is to replace outdated bus shelters with modern structures capable of accommodating wheelchair parking. Additionally, the aim is to enhance safety by extending the boarding area's distance to a minimum of 20 meters in the direction of the oncoming bus, with an additional clear pathway of at least 10 meters for safe exiting.

Construction is scheduled to commence on Monday, 06 May 2024, beginning in Mendooran and sequentially progressing through Binnaway, Coonabarabran, and Coolah. Each location's development is estimated to take approximately three weeks to complete, subject to weather conditions and concurrent project progress.

The construction activities may cause temporary inconvenience, particularly during the removal of existing shelters. Please note that pedestrian access will be restored after a 24-hour concrete curing period.

“We appreciate and gratitude for your patience, support and understanding as we strive to enhance our community’s infrastructure improving the safety, accessibility and connectivity within these towns,” Cr Doolan concluded. 

For further information or inquiries, please contact Warrumbungle Shire Council at (02) 6849 2000 or via email at info@warrumbungle.nsw.gov.au. 

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Mendooran Bus Stop

Last Updated: 07 May 2024