Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

We are COVID Safe


Warrumbungle Shire Council venues are now regiatered as COVIDSafe. Providing your name and contact number ensures NSW Health can contact you quickly and easily, if necessary.

If you get COVID-19, fewer people will have to self-isolate as a result of having attended the same venue as you.

Electronic check-in
Checking in and leaving your contact details using an electronic system is now mandatory at some types of businesses and events in NSW. It is not mandatory at retail stores and grocers.

QR codes
Electronic systems include things like QR codes, but if you don't have a smartphone the business should also be able to take your details another way, such as recording them on a computer or tablet device.

Protecting your privacy
Businesses are required to take your details only for the use of contact tracing for COVID-19 infections. If the business is going to use your details for marketing purposes (such as sending you emails) they must inform you clearly and obtain your consent.

Click here for more information on the Service NSW QR Codes. 



If you can’t keep up with the ever-changing restrictions for your business, or travel restrictions in each state or territory? Check out COVID-19 Restriction Checker website!
This is up to date information on COVID-19 restrictions filtered by activity as well as State or Territory. Click here to check it out!


Ratepayers or debtors suffering financial hardship or require legal support, may find the following organisations of assistance;

  • ASIC’s Moneysmart
  • Legal Aid NSW
    Telephone: (02) 6885 4233
  • Community Legal Centres NSW
    Telephone: 1300 888 529
  • Centrelink
    Telephone: 13 63 57
  • The Salvation Army
    Telephone: 1300 371 288 or 02 6881 8280
  • Lifeline Central West
    Telephone: 1300 798 258
  • National Debt Hotline operated by Financial Counsellors Association of NSW
    Telephone: 1800 007 007
  • Rural Financial Counselling Service NSW Central Region
    Telephone: 1800 940 404


It's important that we;
    •follow the rules about visiting other households, self-isolation and quarantine
    •practise good hand hygiene and physical distancing
    •take extra care if you're around vulnerable people
    •get tested if you have any symptoms and stay home while you are waiting for test results.

For more information about these changes visit the NSW Government Website

As our community becomes more active and gets back to business, it's important that we

• follow the rules about gatherings, self-isolation and quarantine
• maintain a physical distance of at least 1.5 metres from others
• practise good hand hygiene
• stay active and healthy
• take extra care if you're around vulnerable people
• get tested if you have any symptoms, even if they are only mild
• follow NSW Health advice about staying home while you are waiting for test results.

Click here to view updated information on the NSW Government Website

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