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Pool Opening Times




Pool Opening Hours Weekly Roster - 15-21 Jan - 14-01-2022 WEB

Click here to download the Pool Attendant timetable for 14 January 2022 to 21 January 2022





  • 9 October to 9 April 2022– Coolah, Coonabarabran & Dunedoo
  • 23 October to 2 April 2022 – Baradine & Mendooran
  • 30 October to 19 March 2022– Binnaway


For Season Ticket Holders – (When No Pool Attendant Available)

  • 6am to 6pm for ticket holders during the months of Spring and Autumn.
  • 6am to 7pm for ticket holders during the months of Summer. (* See Note 3)

Casual Entry – (When a Pool Attendant is Available)

Spring (9 October 2021 – 30 November 2021)

  • 11am to 2pm – Saturday & Sunday during Spring all Pools except Binnaway & Mendooran
  • 3pm to 6pm –Monday to Sunday all Pools

    Summer (1 December 2021 – 28 February2022)

  • 11am to 2pm – Saturday & Sunday during Summer all Pools except Binnaway.
  • 3pm to 7pm –Monday to Sunday all Pools * (see Note 3)

    School Holidays

  • 11am to 2pm – Monday – Sunday all Pools except Binnaway
  • 3pm to 7 pm – Monday to Sunday *(see Note 3)

    Autumn (1 March 2022 – 9 April 2022)

    • 3pm to 6pm – Monday to Sunday all Pools


    Note 1: When a Pool Attendant is not available, the pool will be closed to casual users. The pool will be accessible by groups and schools who have a user agreement with Council and also by season ticket holders who have key access.

    Note 2: Sunday and Saturday opening hours may be extended if Volunteer Lifeguards are in place.

    Note 3: There may be periods when any of the pools are not open to the public between 6.00pm and 7.00pm, due to exclusive use by Swimming Clubs or User Groups.

    Note 4: Any school that has booked time at a pool will have exclusive use of the pool. Therefore, the pool will not be open to the public if there is a school group using the pool.

    Note 5: The Sunday timetable applies on Public Holidays. All pools will be closed on Christmas day.

    Last Updated: 14 Jan 2022