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New $100 Waste Management Charge

 New method for rating waste services

Domestic Waste
Non-Domestic Waste

Warrumbungle Shire Council has introduced a revised method of rating for waste services across the Shire. Council has recently undertaken a review of waste facilities and services with the aim of Warrumbungle Waste becoming self-funding. Warrumbungle Waste service delivery needs to ensure Council meets obligations under environmental legislation, improve efficiencies, and provide a more equitable system across the Shire to help offset costs.


The revised charges attempt to isolate the costs of the kerbside domestic waste collection services from other waste service costs such as operating transfer stations and landfill sites. This requirement is also underpinned by the Local Government Act.


Council’s revised Warrumbungle Waste charges includes a $100 waste management fee across every rateable assessment throughout the Shire. This charge offsets the cost of the provision of waste transfer stations, chemical collection, drum musters, non-domestic recycling processing delivered to transfer stations rather than collected at kerbside and other waste management costs not associated with the kerbside collection service.


The waste management fee is in effect a base charge regardless of whether or not residents use the waste facilities or services and reflects the cost of providing the availability of collection points for all residents. As an offset for this charge residents of the shire will be able to deliver free of charge a 240 litre standard garbage bin without cost. Other various materials will also be received without charge at the transfer stations, with the processing cost borne by Warrumbungle Waste.


The revised charges aim to discourage illegal dumping of waste in bushland, which has become an issue in recent times, by reducing fees charged to the public at the gate to Transfer Stations and Landfill sites.


The revised charges will see those residents that use a regular kerbside collection service pay $300 plus the $100 base charge, while residents on rural runs that do not use the service by choice will now pay only the base charge of $100, a reduction from the previous $325 fee.


Revised charges for non-domestic waste services include the $100 base charge and a combined waste and recycling rate of $500 which is a $20 per year reduction on previous years.


The review of Council’s waste services was available for public comment earlier in 2013, as notified in the June Winter Wrap Community Newsletter distributed as a householder across the Shire. Notices in the Coonabarabran Times, The Coolah Diary, The Dunedoo Diary and the Mendooran Pride were also placed in May and June, and on Council’s website. Comments received were considered in the Waste Management Strategy and the Operational Plan and Delivery Program 2013/2014 – 2016/17, which was considered and resolved at the June 2013 Council Meeting.


Warrumbungle Shire Council continues to review all services provided to the community, aiming to meet service delivery levels as detailed in the Operational Plan and Delivery Program 2013/2014 – 2016/17 and reference to the Community Strategic Plan.


Interested residents may contact Council to view these Plans, or visit Council’s website www.warrumbungle.nsw.gov.au. Council welcomes residents to contact either the Coolah or Coonabarabran office with any concerns.

Last Updated: 24 Sep 2013