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Type Policy Date Adopted
Document: Access Across Road Reserves to Properties 19/09/13
Document: Asset Management 19/09/13
Document: Capital Funds Allocation Policy 21/05/15
Document: Cemetery Management and Burial Policy 15/06/17
Document: Code of Conduct 21/02/13
Document: Code of Meeting Practice 19/09/13
Document: Communications Policy 18/06/15
Document: Contaminated Lands Policy 16/03/17
Document: Contributions for Kerb and Guttering and Paving Policy 19/09/13
Document: Council Chambers and Meeting Rooms Usage 18/07/13
Document: Council Meeting Public Forum Policy 20/11/14
Document: Disposal of Council Assets Policy 19/09/13
Document: EEO Management Plan 17/11/05
Document: Enforcement Policy 20/06/13
Document: Flying of the Australian and Aboriginal Flags Policy 20/06/13
Document: Interaction Policy between Councillors and Staff 19/09/13
Document: Internal Reporting Policy 16/06/16
Document: Internally Restricted Assets Policy 19/09/13
Document: Investment Policy 19/09/13
Document: liquid trade waste - FAQs
Document: Media Policy - Councillors 19/09/13
Document: Outdoor Smoke-Free Areas Policy 15/06/17
Document: Policy for the Payment of Expenses and the Provision of Facilities 16/02/17
Document: Privacy Management Plan 21/03/13
Document: Public Pools Policy 19/09/13
Document: Rating Policy 16/03/17
Document: Regional Contaminated Land Policy 16/03/17
Document: Related Party Disclosure Policy 16/03/17
Document: Residential Property Policy 15/08/13
Document: Risk Management Policy 18/05/17
Document: Signs as Remote Supervision Policy 19/09/13
Document: Statement of Business Ethics 18/07/13
Document: Street Stall Policy 17/10/13
Document: Temporary Grazing Policy 20/02/14
Document: Transportable Homes Policy 15/08/13
Document: Upgrading of Roads Not Constructed or Maintained by Council Policy 19/09/13
Document: Vision Mission and Values 18/07/13
Document: WSC Trade Waste Policy Jan14

Last Updated: 20 Jun 2017