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Community Strategic Plan Forum Results

This included general community forums plus focus groups for seniors and young families, business and interagency, indigenous and outlying farming areas. An opportunity was provided to residents to attend either a day time or evening community forum that suited at a local venue. Survey’s were mailed out to householders and an option available to complete a survey on-line. In addition every school was involved and supported the process, and a workshop was facilitated for children in school time.

As reported 900 people in total participated in these forums and a total of 10,438 comments have been input into a CSP database. The participation rate and input is a very good outcome given the logistics of distance between locations and it is a benchmark that Council and the community should be proud. Council is very appreciative of the response from the community and willingness to be part of setting the future direction of the shire.

Some memorable statistics
38 Community Strategic Planning Forums were held in the Warrumbungle Shire from Monday 5th September to Wednesday 21st September.
Number of Community Forums, Breakfast and Focus Group Forums = 27
Number of people participating = 531
School Workshops = 11
Number of school students participating = 349

As promised by the General Manager all the data collected at each of these forums has been collated and is now available for community members to view at their leisure.  For convenience some of the sorting has already been done and you will note there are six (6) different files, where you will find each response to each question asked at each community forum type from each different location. This included Staff Forums, Aboriginal Community Forums, Business, Government and Interagency Forums, Community Forums and Surveys, Schools Forums and Seniors and Young Families Forums.

In addition, Council has also provided in hard copy a printout of each of the forums and placed in libraries and council offices.

View the Forum results here

Business Government and Interagency
Aboriginal Community
Seniors and Young Families 
Council Staff

Last Updated: 06 Jul 2015