Project Update - 31 May 2018

Project Updates

Week to 31 May 2018

All fittings and fixtures have been removed from the former netball courts. The site has been fenced and the contractor has erected the silt fence. Conduits have been placed across the courts. These will provide access for electrics, a possible PA system and irrigation. Earthworks have progressed this week. Topsoil and unsuitable material have been removed and fill material is being imported. The depth of topsoil that needed removal was significantly greater than planned. Level adjustments have been made to minimise this potential overspend. Goal posts and lighting equipment have begun to arrive. Goal post footing hardware has been delivered, and lights will be delivered by the end of the week. The survey set out has also been completed.

 Excavation Works - 31 May

Image: Excavation Works

Foundation Material Placed - 31 May

 Image: Foundation material being placed and spread to provide a sound base for the concrete slab.


Trenches dug -31 May


Image: Trenches have been dug for services including electricity, water, irrigation and communications.