Project Update - 14 June 2018

Project Updates

Week to 14 June 2018

Phase one of the project has now been completed. This phase involved completion of the earthworks which included clearing, excavating and preparation of the site. This has all been completed to final level with compaction testing scheduled for the coming week. Following this the conformance survey will be completed this week enabling the earthworks to be finalised. During the earthworks phase, a total of 1840 tonnes of crushed rock sub-base (DGS40), 200 tonnes of dust and 742 tonnes of crushed rock base (DGB20) material have been used.

The next phase of the project is the laying of the concrete slab. These works are scheduled to commence in July. Once laid, the slab will need to be matured for a period of at least 30 days prior to the laying of the new surface.

Final Base Trim - 14 June

Image: Base receiving final trim with a laser guided bobcat

Base Completed - 14 June

 Image: Base completed and presented for testing and survey