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Delivering the Budget with 2016/17 Highlights

Take a look at what projects are planned in your local community by downloading the Budget and Delivery Program 2016/17 Highlights flyer for your town.  The 2016/17 Highlights summarises our commitment with budget funds for services in your community.  Find out where Council sources its revenue, and what services your rates are spent on in your community. You may be surprised that only 30% of revenue is received from rates and annual charges, and there are 36 different areas of Council providing services to the six towns and eight villages across our shire.  From Kenebri to Uarbry, Mendooran to Goolhi, there is over 2600km of roads that we maintain as part of the $482 million in assets across the Warrumbungle shire.
Take a look.  You may be surprised as to what is planned in your community.

Download the Budget and Delivery Program 2016/17 Highlights for your local town below.







Last Updated: 17 Jan 2017