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Three Rivers Regional Retirement Update

Since termination of the building contractor, Boulus Constructions, due to breaches of Contract, Council has been progressing through the site matters relating to the Three Rivers Regional Retirement Community (TRRRC) project at Dunedoo.

A number of technical experts have inspected the site and provided professional advice particularly around the defective works identified at the time of the termination.

In late 2018 an independent Structural Engineer carried out further inspections and investigations and identified a series of defects to a number of the concrete slabs. As a result Geotechnical Engineering experts were engaged to provide advice on the latest identified defects and provision of remedies to rectify.

Whilst awaiting further advice, Council has ceased all construction works while determining a suitable pathway forward for the project. Before this decision is made further advice will be required from the Structural Engineers and Geotechnical Engineering experts.

Council has commenced removing the stockpiled material at the rear of the building site. This work will continue over the coming weeks.

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Last Updated: 02 Apr 2019