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Don’t Risk a Fine and Cover your Load

Cover you load

Police are urging locals to correctly restrain loads on a safe and legal load restraint system when travelling on roads.

Correctly restrained loads means having limited load movement to prevent the load being dislodged from the vehicle. This is achieved by using ratchet straps on the load and if the load is made up of multiple items, placing a cargo net over the top.

The chance of an accident from a load can be minimised as much as possible through correctly restraining the load. Accidents can be caused by the load becoming dislodged from the vehicle and/or movement of the load causing an imbalance on the vehicles stability and weight distribution.

Load restraint systems also need to be correctly secured to minimise forces from travel causing the load and load restraint system to become dislodged from the vehicle. An example of an unsafe load restraint system is use of an unregistered and/or illegally structured trailer, i.e. use of wood instead of steel.

The length of the load also needs to be within a legal distance from the vehicle and any load that extends past the vehicle or trailer needs to have a high visibility flag on the end of it. For more information on the legal requirements of transporting loads, please contact Roads and Maritime Services on 132 213 or download a load restraint guide from the National Transport Commission by using this link http://www.ntc.gov.au/heavy-vehicles/safety/load-restraint-guide/.

“Police are keeping an eye out for unsafe loads in Warrumbungle Shire and surrounding areas, so if you need to transport a load please don’t risk a fine,” said Warrumbungle Shires Council’s Road Safety Officer, Cheyenne O’Brien.

For more information please contact Warrumbungle Shire Council’s Road Safety Officer on (02) 6849 2000 or email info@warrumbungle.nsw.gov.au.

Last Updated: 15 Jul 2016