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'It's a Green Drought' - Coonabarabran Water Supply at Record Low Level

Recent rainfall and warm weather has brought a welcome green tinge to the Warrumbungle Shire.  However, the rainfall has not been sufficient in the Timor Dam catchment area to have any impact on water levels in the dam, which has fallen to 37% capacity.  Not since the major drought in 2002/2003 has the level been this low.  With current levels of water usage in the town, the remaining volume is quickly diminishing.


Back up water supply sources, including bores, are currently in place.  However, back up measures do not provide enough supply to meet expected demand.


Council and the community need to work together at this time.  Residents and businesses can assist by conserving water as much as possible.  Council’s website contains information and tips about reducing water usage in the home and garden, and for commercial users that will both conserve water and save money.  For example, a running tap wastes 6 litres of water per minute, and a leaking toilet can waste up to 60,000 litres in a year.  In the garden, the use of water tanks, mulching and composting all assist in reducing the amount of town water usage.  Businesses can find that engaging in low water use practices not only saves them money but provides a marketing edge.  For further information and water saving tips go to ‘Smart Water Advice’ under Warrumbungle Water on the website at www.warrumbungle.gov.au.


Coonabarabran is currently on Level 4 Water Restrictions on the use of town water. This means that residential use is restricted to hand held hoses only for up to 1 hour/day between 6.00 pm and 7.00 pm on alternate days as follows:


              Even street numbers – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

              Odd street numbers – Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.


Commercial use is restricted to hand held hoses only for up to 1 hour/day.  Full advice regarding water restrictions is on the website at ‘Current Water Restrictions’ under Warrumbungle Water.


Leeanne Ryan
Acting General Manager
Warrumbungle Shire Council

Last Updated: 22 Dec 2017