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Coonabarabran Water Report


For the week ending Friday, 1 June 2018, the water level at Timor Dam was 23.1% of dam capacity.

As in recent weeks, Council has not used any water from Timor Dam and has instead sourced water from the four (4) existing bores and the Castlereagh River at the Namoi Street weir.

Average daily water consumption for the seven (7) days preceding Friday, 1 June 2018, was 0.48Ml per day. The average daily consumption (Ml per day), by week, for the last
six (6) weeks is:














Applications for licenses for the seven (7) emergency bores have been submitted to the NSW Department of Industry– Water. Council has received advice that licences for two (2) of these bores have been approved, however there is a waiting period of 28 days before the bores can be used.

Council expects to receive licenses for the other five (5) bores in the coming weeks. Following approval, there will then be a period of 28 days before these bores can be used.

Following final testing and approval, the next step will be to equip the bores. It is planned that, in the first instance, Council will equip three (3) bores. The bores that have been selected to be equipped are based on a variety of factors including access to electricity, flow rate and cost to equip.

Council will continue to provide regular updates as work on the bores continue.

Council greatly appreciates the ongoing efforts by residents to minimise water usage at this time. Residents are reminded to continue limiting their water usage wherever possible.

Click here for a range of water saving tips and full details of Level 6 Water Restrictions.

Last Updated: 06 Jun 2018