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Orana Regional Organisation of Councils

Regional Organisations of Councils (ROCs) are voluntary groupings of Councils and usually involve collaborative partnerships between neighbouring councils in a particular region or area. ROCs vary considerably in size and structure but they have two things in common: their member councils have agreed to work together on one or more common issue and they nominate Councillors to represent them on the ROC’s board.The activities of ROCs vary from organisation to organisation and include:

  1. Research and advocacy on key regional issues to state and federal governments 
  2. Management of regional tendering and purchase agreements which achieve economies of scale and/or cost savings for member councils 
  3. Facilitation of cooperative activities between councils such as regional planning, environmental management or economic development 
  4. Management of regional projects funded by other levels of government 
  5. Information exchange and best practice initiatives 
  6. Regional promotion

For further information visit the DLG web site.

Last Updated: 14 Aug 2012