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Our Projects

From bridges and causeways, town water and sewer services, stormwater management, roads and recreational facilities, there are a range of capital projects either under construction or planned across the Warrumbungle Shire in the 2016/17 budget.  All planned capital projects are detailed in our Operational Plan and Delivery Program 2016/17 - 2019/20.

Bridges - $2.34 million

There are 57 bridges across the shire, with a number of aging timber bridges and other structures replaced in recent years.  This includes Mow Creek Bridge north of Binnaway on the Warrumbungle Way, Kenebri Creek and Baradine Creek bridges in the north of the shire and Ross Crossing Bridge east of Dunedoo. We are soon to commence replacing Allison Bridge, located on the Black Stump Way north of Coolah.

Rehabilitating causeways is planned for Napier Lane (Garawilla and Mt Warwick), Quia (near Lake Edna) and Mia Mia Roads.

Roads - $2 million

There are 2200km of local roads, 385km of regional roads and town streets that our Road Operations teams manage. 

Projects currently underway include widening the shoulder of sections of Baradine Road, with plans to widen the shoulder along sections of Purlewaugh Road and Black Stump Way. Nominated town streets will be resealed in communities across the shire and there is pavement rehabilitation planned for unsealed (gravel) roads for Gentle Annie and Neilrex Roads.

Rehabilitation is also planned for sections of Quai, Rotherwood and Turee Vale Roads. Pavement rehabilitation is planned for sections of Piambra Road, Beni Crossing Road near Dennykymine Road and Lawson Park Road.

Aerodromes - $20,000

We manage aerodromes at Baradine, Coonabarabran and Coolah.  The Coonabarabran terminal building is planned to be repainted.

Recreational Facilities and Parks - $519,000

From town pools, sporting ovals and parks, there are a number of Recreational facilities managed in Warrumbungle communities.

Town pools will see $148,000 investment in painting and kiosk upgrades at Baradine, lighting at Coolah and general upgrades to Coonabarabran, Binnaway, Dunedoo and Mendooran.

Up to $200,000 has been allocated to netball courts at Coonabarabran, with further funding of $38,000 allocated to upgrades in Bowen Oval Coolah and Robertson Oval Dunedoo (canteen and toilets refurbishment).

Irrigation in Milling Park, Dunedoo, soft fall under playground equipment at Coolah and Len Guy Park in Binnaway, together with wheelchair access paths are planned in Lions Park, Baradine, and McMasters Park, Coolah.

Stormwater and Town Streets - $1.3 million

From July 2016, town property owners are co-contributing a small levy towards upgrading stormwater infrastructure, raising around $105,000 a year. The Baradine Flood levee design, drainage studies for Bowen Oval, Goddard and Martin Streets in Coolah, and stormwater drainage pipe for Belar and Merebene Streets in Coonabararan will see $106,000 in upgrades.

Upgrades to town streets with street lighting, footpath rehabilitation, kerb and guttering, construction of shared paths and street trees will be undertaken across all towns in the shire.

Emergency Services $500,000

Warrumbungle Shire Council contributes 11.7% of costs to the NSW Rural Fire Service, Castlereagh Zone. We are project managing the construction of the Zone's Fire Control Centre at Coonabarabran, a project valued in excess of $3 million.

Three Rivers Regional Retirement Community, Dunedoo $1.8 million

Comprising a $7.2 million project to transform the old Dunedoo Hospital to an independent living retirement community, together with an Outdoor Learning Centre for local schools, the TRRRC will see construction of 21 villas together with landscaping, a community garden and a central communal space. We are managing the project, with funding provided through the State Government Restart NSW program of $4.5 million and the Commonwealth Government National Stronger Regions Fund of $2.45 million.  Community co-contributions exceed $250,000.






Last Updated: 22 Nov 2016