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Three Rivers Regional Retirement Community - Media Statement

Warrumbungle Shire Council continues to work through the issues surrounding the Three Rivers Regional Retirement Community Project in Dunedoo following the termination of the contractor, Boulus Constructions Pty Ltd in August 2018.

Regrettably Council made the decision to terminate the contract as a result of ongoing breaches of contract and defective workmanship. Despite being given written directions to rectify defects when work failed inspections, the contractor ignored Council directives and continued to build over the top of defects.

As a result of the termination of the contract, legal action was initiated by Boulus Constructions Pty Limited and is currently continuing. Council is defending its position vigorously and is of the view that the legal action is unfounded, especially in light of the extent of the defects onsite and breaches of contract.

It is very disappointing that at this stage Council is required to keep the unfinished units onsite during this time in the legal proceedings. Regrettably due to the extent of the defects a lot of the work on site will have to be demolished.

Extensive discussions have been held with the State and Federal funding bodies and with the committed support of both Mark Coulton MP and Roy Butler MP the remaining projects monies have been retained for future works on the site. Council greatly appreciates the support of both members and their roles in retaining the funding. 

Council is confident that its legal position is very sound and recently had a briefing from its legal counsel handling the case.

It is most disappointing that Boulus has brought this action and held up such a significant project for such an extensive period of time through their actions.
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Last Updated: 16 Oct 2020