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Installation of Bore at Coonabarabran Showground

The Coonabarabran Showground Bore project has now been finalised with drilling and equipping of the new bore complete. ‚Äč

“The new bore at the Coonabarabran Showground will make it easier for community events to proceed during times of drought by providing another source of water”, said Warrumbungle Shire Council Mayor, Denis Todd. “The project included drilling and equipping a new bore together with installation of solar panels, pump, water tanks and associated equipment. The bore is 145m deep and yielding 1litre/sec of good quality water to be used at the Coonabarabran Showground.”

Councillor Todd said “Council was successful in obtaining $80,000 worth of funding through the Drought Communities Programme – Extension for the drilling and equipping of a bore at the Coonabarabran Showground.”

The bore project was recognised by the Australian Government as an employment and infrastructure project which will provide local employment opportunities. “This project aimed to stimulate the local economy by using local resources and also provide a long-lasting benefit to the community”, said Cr Todd.

The project is now completed and operational and will secure a future water supply at the Coonabarabran Showground.

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Coonabarabran Bore Showground

Image: Finalising the finishing touches of the Bore.

Last Updated: 31 Oct 2019