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Festive Feast Food Preparations

A spike in food poisoning and food related illnesses is traditionally seen in the warmer months due to the combination of hotter weather and incorrect storage of leftovers. This has prompted the NSW Food Authority to prepare tips to help people prepare and store food safely over the festive season. ‚Äč

“Council wants to see our residents have a safe and healthy festive season, and would like to share some easy to follow tips on how to prepare, store and serve the perfect festive feast”, said Warrumbungle Shire Council Director of Environment and Development Services, Leeanne Ryan. "This time of year people are often hosting meals for larger numbers than they are used to, and cooking foods they are not familiar with. The Christmas turkey is good example, being a seasonal dish very few of us would be accustomed to preparing regularly.”

Tips for your family festive feast include:

  • Plan ahead - a frozen turkey should never be defrosted on the bench and it can take up to three days to defrost in the fridge, don’t leave it to last minute!
  • When it comes to ham, the ‘ham bag’ often sold with Christmas ham is a great way to keep your ham fresh and maintain quality the longest. A clean cotton pillowcase will do the trick too, and remember to regularly wash or change it.
  • If you are having a seafood lunch, ensure you only buy from a reputable retailer and take an esky or cooler bag to ensure temperature control for transport from retailer to fridge.
  • Keep raw and cooked foods separate.
  • If food has been on table for more than 2 hours, bin it – hot food needs to stay hot and cold food needs to stay cold.
  • Leftovers – refrigerate leftovers and eat or freeze within 3 days.

“Throughout this festive season, like any other time, it is important to follow the key rules of food safety. Those key food safety tips are to keep it cold, keep it hot, keep it clean and always wash your hands. Above all have a safe and merry festive season," concluded Mrs Ryan.

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Last Updated: 12 Dec 2019