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Council welcomes the release of Investigation Report

Warrumbungle Shire Council has welcomed the release of the Section 430 Investigation Report by the Office of Local Government into the conduct of the Council.‚Äč

“The past few years have been a difficult and challenging period for the Council” said Warrumbungle Shire Council Mayor, Cr Denis Todd. “The Report has been hanging around the neck of the Council now for nearly two years and Council has already undertaken a number of improvements and the effects of these have been positive for the organisation.”

“While there has been disharmony within the Council in the past I see it now as a much more cohesive group. The Council still has its disagreements but this is part of the democratic process. At the time of the issues being raised the Council was dealing with the issue of the termination of the contract of its previous General Manager and there was a fair amount of fall out from that.”

“I believe that we all acknowledge that there has been the need for improvement for the Council but there are a number of factors that Council remains disappointed with about the report” said Cr Todd.

“At the time of the start of the investigation Coonabarabran was well into drought and now we see many other towns in as bad, if not worse, a situation.”

“Then the water supply for Coonabarabran was in a difficult position with the main water source for the town getting to a perilous state necessitating that the town go onto very severe water restrictions. For quite some time the town was on the maximum water restrictions at Level 6, in fact the town was on Level 5 or Level 6 water restrictions for well over a year. The town went onto Level 5 water restrictions in January 2018 and then increasing them to Level 6 from March 2018 and these restrictions were only eased to Level 4 in April 2019.”

“With the generous aid of the NSW State Government and efforts of Council staff we were able to install seven bores to assist with the town water supply and we are now in a position where we are able to keep up a basic supply to the residents of the town” said Cr Todd.

“As a result of this drought it has certainly become apparent for many councils across the State that the level of red tape and bureaucracy that exists in the system is ridiculous.”

“Another area of criticism of the Council was the failure of the fluoridation of the water supplies, yet the design was recommended and funded by the Department of Health. We have been advised that this has been an issue for a number of towns across the State and one that the Department of Health has been working to fix.”

“The Report will be tabled at the next meeting of Council and a submission is then to be made to the Minister within 28 days of that” concluded Cr Todd.

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Last Updated: 28 Oct 2019