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Council’s Draft Operational Plan for 2019/20 Adopted

The Operation Plan for 2019/20 for the Warrumbungle Shire has now been adopted by Council. 

“Council sought the feedback of the community in relation to the proposed Plan and received some 18 submissions from the general public” said Warrumbungle Shire Council Mayor, Councillor Denis Todd. “This was a great opportunity for residents to provide feedback to Council on our plans for the 2019/20 financial year and beyond and all residents were encouraged to provide feedback to Council.”

“The Draft Operational Plan provides the community with an overview of the projects, programs and activities that council will deliver in the next financial year ending 30 June 2020” said Cr Todd.

“The Plan also includes the budget for the financial year ending 30 June 2020, along with proposed fees and charges.”

“The Plan has a strong focus on maintaining and renewing Council’s large infrastructure base” said Cr Todd.

Included in the 2019/20 Draft Operational Plan Budget are:

• Roads Improvement and Renewal; Local ($1.68M) and Regional ($3.85M)
• Plant and Equipment Improvement and Renewal ($2.075M)
• Town Streets related works (Includes trees/gardens, footpaths, kerb & gutter, drainage, pavements) ($572,000)
• Ovals, Parks, Swimming Pools and other amenities improvements ($1.009M)
• Improvements to Council Offices & Other Property, Public Halls and Cemetery Equipment Improvements ($380,000), Communications and Information Technology ($65,000) and Works Support Capital ($55,000)
• Aerodrome Improvements ($410,000)
• Tourism & Development related improvements ($36,000)
• Rural Fire Services Vehicles and Enhancements ($357,000)
• Community Transport and Multiservice Outlet Replacements ($72,000)
• Water ($1.58M)
• Sewer ($1.23M)
• Waste Services ($70,000)

“In order to fund these works, as well as ongoing services and activities Council proposed a number of increases in fees and charges in 2019/20. While the majority of these increases are in line with previous years’ increases, and the consumer price index (CPI), a number of larger increases were also proposed, especially in the areas of water and sewer” said Cr Todd.

“Unfortunately increases of 15% for sewer and 18% for water have been adopted by Council. These increases were necessary in order to continue to provide services to the communities across the Shire” said Cr Todd.

“Council acknowledges that these are significant increases but have become necessary as a result of:

• increasing costs of maintaining and upgrading infrastructure
• increasing electricity costs
• ageing infrastructure and a backlog in renewals
• maintenance of, and increase in, service levels across the Shire
• decreasing revenue as a result of the drought
• costs increasing more than revenue for a number of years”

“Added to this local utility providers such as councils must achieve ongoing full cost recovery for their water supply and sewerage services and cannot be subsidised by another means. Full cost recovery involves raising sufficient revenue to cover maintenance and administration costs as well as the cost of the depreciation of water supply and sewerage infrastructure” said Cr Todd.

“Other increases in the budget include waste charges increasing by 5% and general rates increasing by 2.7%” said Cr Todd.

“Should a ratepayer experience difficulties in being able to pay their rate account then I would encourage them to speak with our staff about their circumstances” concluded Cr Todd.

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Last Updated: 27 Jun 2019