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Application for Appointment of Board Members - Ulamambri Public Hall Land Manager

Ever wondered who is responsible for keeping Crown reserves operating?
Countless facilities like showgrounds, local halls and parks are run by Statutory Land Manager Boards, made up of people just like you. People who understand the need and have a desire to manage public land and assets for the benefit of the entire community.
Your role as a Board Member is voluntary, but the rewards of giving something back to the community are priceless.
We are looking for a good mix of people with a variety of skills, however, sound business and financial management skills and objective decision-making expertise would be a distinct advantage.
Don’t let this opportunity to do something for yourself and your community pass you by – contact us today.
The Ulamambri Public Hall Land Manager manages the Reserve No. 55165 at Ulamambri notified on 10-Feb-1922 for Public Hall. The term of appointment will be for a period not exceeding 5 years.
Application for membership can be made via https://portal.crownland.nsw.gov.au
All applications are required to be lodged before 10 August 2020. File Reference DB81R218-003.
For further information contact Jason Jones on 02 6883 5426 or go to https://reservemanager.crownland.nsw.gov.au

Last Updated: 30 Jun 2020