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Changes to Town Pool Season Tickets and Entry Fees for the 2019/2020 Pool Season

Council has introduced the town pool half season ticket option which will be available throughout the 2019/20 swimming season.

The half season ticket will provide more options for community members when deciding on how they would like to access the town pool. Some pool users may only be interested in using the town pool for the first or second half of the season and this new option caters for those people.

The half season ticket still offers the same perks as the full season ticket, including access to all six (6) town pools within Warrumbungle Shire.

The cost of season tickets and entry fees has increased for the 2019/2020 pool season, to be in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

The change in town pool fees and the cost of the newly adopted half season ticket can be found in the table below.

91-19 Town Pool Season Tickets  Entry Fees 2019-20

Last Updated: 04 Sep 2019