Project Update - 21 June 2018

Project Updates

Week to 21 June 2018

Testing on the earthworks have been completed this week with all tests meeting the specification (100% standard). Foundations for the concrete slab are now complete and preparation for the concrete has begun. This week the concreate slab has been set out and excavation of the goal post footings has commenced. The steal reinforcing cages are ready for placement and the sleeve for the goals posts are to be cast into the footings in preparation for the concrete to be poured for the footings.

Slab set out and goal post footing excavated - 21 June

Image: Slab set out and goal post footings excavated

Steel Reinforcing Cages - 21 June

Image: Steel reinforcing cage ready for placement

West View - 21 June

 Image: View looking west along the courts