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What will the Impact on Increased Water Charges be for you?

The Draft Operational Plan for 2019/20 for Warrumbungle Shire Council is on public exhibition and is proposing that there be increases of up to 18% for water charges in the local government area.‚Äč

“Council is proposing large increases for the Water and Sewer Funds for the 2019/20 year” said Warrumbungle Shire Council Mayor, Councillor Denis Todd. “Last year Council considered a much larger increase but given the circumstances at the time decided to split the increase over two years.”

“Such significant increases in our water charges are necessary to fund capital works as well as ongoing services and activities.”

“These increases are restricted to the water and sewer fund charges and not to the rates in general fund which is having a 2.7% increase as per the rate-pegging allowance.”

“Council acknowledges that these are significant increases however with the drought Council has had to carry out a number of emergency works, not all of which is grant funded, to keep up water supplies to the communities” said Cr Todd.

“In addition to these emergency works Council has also carried out upgrades to the security of the water supplies and proposes further upgrades to ensure that supplies can be maintained to our communities.”

“The increases will mean that for a residential consumer the access charge will increase from $459.00 per connection to $542.00, an increase of $83.00 per annum. A higher access charge applies to the residents of Mendooran due to the added contribution for the treatment plant there.”

Usage charges will increase from $2.36 to $2.78 per kiloliter. Cr Todd explained, “Outside of the current drought the average residential consumer in the local government area uses just under 200 kilolitres per annum thus based on this figure that consumer would expect an increase of $84.00 per annum.”

“I appreciate that those with larger families and/or who regularly water their gardens will use much more than this amount.”

“As for a business the access charge is presently $459.00 per connection and this will increase to $542.00, an increase of $83.00 per annum. As for their usage charges this will of course depend upon their usage but for say a motel that is currently using 650kl per quarter an estimated increase of $269.90 per quarter would occur.”

“A motel tends to be a much higher user whereas many businesses use far less than this figure.”

“Members of the public may not be aware that Council cannot cross subsidise between funds, thus it must achieve full cost recovery for its water supply and sewerage services. Full cost recovery involves raising sufficient revenue within that fund to cover maintenance and administration costs as well as the cost of water supply or sewerage infrastructure, as applicable. This requirement has resulted in the fees and charges that are proposed.”

“The draft 2019/20 Operational Plan and associated documents is now on public exhibition. The plan can be viewed at Council’s offices, Macquarie Regional Libraries across the Shire, Baradine Rural Transaction Centre, Mendooran Post Office and on Council’s website.

“Don’t miss the opportunity to let us know your thoughts on the draft plans. Comments on the Draft Plan need to be made by Friday, 24 May 2019”, concluded Cr Todd.

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Last Updated: 10 May 2019