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Baradine Water Restriction Notice


Important  upgrade  and  maintenance works are required to be performed at the Baradine town reservoir. These works will improve water supply quality and safety.

Works will include the cleaning of the reservoir, replacement of equipment and improving chlorine residuals for disinfection.

The works are scheduled to be performed between Monday, 18 June 2018 and Sunday, 24 June 2018. During part of these works the town reservoir will be offline.

To  assist  Council  in  meeting  town  water  demand  during  this  time the  following restrictions will apply from 7:00am on Monday, 18 June 2018 till 7:00am on Monday,
25 June 2018:

•   no outdoor water use whatsoever

•   emergency water use only between the hours of 10:00pm and 6:00am

While works are taking place there it is likely that there will be reduced water pressure during the daytime and possible loss of supply at night between the hours of 10:00pm and 6:00am.

Residents are advised to fill containers and water bottles, prior to Monday, 18 June

2018, to have as an emergency supply in case supply is lost. Residents are also advised to fill containers and water bottles before 10:00pm each day for emergency supply during the night.

Council apologises for any inconvenience these arrangements may cause.

For  enquires  in  relation  to  these  works,  and  the  associated  restrictions,  please contact Warrumbungle Shire Council’s Manager Warrumbungle Water, Cornelia Wiebels, on (02) 6378 5000.

To contact Council after hours, call (02) 6849 2000 or (02) 6378 5000.

Last Updated: 06 Jun 2018