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Time is running out to have your say on the draft budget and fees & charges


Submissions from the community on the 2018-19 Council Operational Plan, including the budget, will be closing soon.

Warrumbungle Shire Council Mayor, Councillor Peter Shinton said, “the draft Operational Plan and Delivery Program have been on public exhibition since Friday, 18 May 2018. The plans will be on public exhibition until Friday, 15 June 2018. After that, submissions will be summarised and presented to Council at the June Council Meeting where the plans will be finalised for the next financial year”.

Clr Shinton said, “with a number important decisions to be made by Council I encourage members of the community to make a submission to Council. As representatives of the local community, councillors are keen to hear what you think about the proposed changes so that we can represent your views throughout this process”.

“The Operational Plan is one of Council’s most important decisions and deals with issues like ongoing service provision, maintenance of current service levels and the maintenance and renewal of Councils’ large infrastructure base, however there is still an opportunity for further discussion on what has been proposed”, said Clr Shinton.

“As councillors, we want to ensure that we are not only looking at the next financial year but also at future financial years. It is our role to ensure that Council’s spending is responsible and sustainable and that we invest in responsible and sustainable infrastructure that services and benefits our local communities. We also have a responsibility to ensure that decision we are making now, won’t have a detrimental affect on future generations. It is a big ask and something that councillors take very seriously”, said Clr Shinton.

“As well as being responsible and thinking about long term sustainability, Council are also required to achieve ongoing full cost recovery for our water supply and sewerage services. Full cost recovery involves raising sufficient revenue to cover maintenance and administration costs as well as the cost of water supply infrastructure”, said Clr Shinton.

Clr Shinton said, “All of these requirements have resulted in the fees and charges that have been proposed, and the plans that have been put forward to the community. Take the opportunity to have you say now”.

Last Updated: 06 Jun 2018