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Roads Under Way


Improvements to roads, footpaths, sporting facilities and swimming pools are keeping Council crews busy. Part of the planned $19.6 million capital budget for the 2016/17 financial year, many roads across the Warrumbungle shire will see upgrades.

An investment of around $4.4 million on the Regional Road network, extending across 385km of sealed roads, will see widening and resealing of sections of Black Stump Way, Purlewaugh Road, Baradine Road and Cassilis Road. There will also be construction of the new Allison Bridge on the Black Stump Way north of Coolah.

The 2,200km of local roads across the shire will also receive around $2.8 million in improvements for resheeting, rehabilitating road surface pavement and upgrading causeways. 

Resheeting entails crews applying a layer of gravel over a section of unsealed road together with spreading and compacting the new material along the road segment.  Rehabilitating a road surface employs a range of road building techniques to improve the road surface of sealed and unsealed roads.

Causeways on Mia Mia Road, Napier Lane and Quia Road will be rehabilitated over the coming year.

Local roads and town streets will also receive an additional $877,000 to reseal road surfaces, where a sprayed seal is applied over the top of an existing road surface.  All towns in the shire will see some of their town streets resealed.

General Manager, Steve Loane, is keen to see the extensive range of proposed road upgrades across the shire.  “From widening and rehabilitating Baradine Road in the north through to resealing Mendooran town streets in the south, all communities will see upgrades to a road in their neighbourhood over the coming year,” commented Mr Loane.

“Of a $19.6 million capital budget, nearly half is allocated to upgrading roads and constructing new bridges.  This is in addition to the road maintenance program, budgeted at over $4 million for regional, local and state roads including the Castlereagh and Golden Highways.”

Visit our Warrumbungle Road Network page for more information.


Last Updated: 23 Aug 2016