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Orana Joint Organisation Inaugural Board Meeting

The inaugural board meeting of the Orana Joint Organisation (OJO) was held on Wednesday, 13 June at Gilgandra Shire Council.

The meeting was attended by Mayors and General Managers of members; Gilgandra Shire Council, Warrumbungle Shire Council, Narromine Shire Council and Mid-Western Regional Council and soon to be members, Warren Shire Council. Attendees also included government representatives from Department of Premier and Cabinet, the Office of Local Government as well as Executive Officer of Orana Regional Organisation of Councils, Ms Belinda Barlow.

The meeting saw Cr Doug Batten, Mayor of Gilgandra Shire Council, elected unopposed to the position of Chairperson.

Cr Batten says that the current Regional Organisation of Council’s (ROC) has served the Orana region well, but he is secure in the notion of the new Joint Organisation (JO) approach.

“One of the strengths of the ROC structure has been the collaborative approach by the Mayors and General Managers of the member Councils. I am confident that this goodwill and commitment to advocacy for the betterment of the region will continue under the more formalised JO structure”.

During the meeting, the board adopted a draft Charter to guide the operation and governance principles for the OJO.

Cr Batten is excited in the opportunities given to the new structure for our region.

“Through changes to the Local Government Act, and under this new structure, the NSW Government has provided greater opportunities for JOs; with the legislative ability to enter into contracts, apply for grants and perform functions on behalf of consenting Councils. The OJO will also, importantly, have a seat at the regional table in regard to the delivery of other state government services such as health, education and law and order.”

Cr Batten adds,
“Whilst the member Councils are supportive of the new JO format, we do acknowledge that it’s been driven by the State Government and we are expecting to see benefits from this organisation realised with greater funding for the region and the delivery of better services for all our communities.”

The appointment of Ms Belinda Barlow as the interim OJO Executive Officer for a period of 12 months was also welcome.

The next meeting will be held after the proclamation of Bogan Shire and Warren Shire into the OJO, which is scheduled for mid-July.

Contact: Doug Batten

Chairperson, Orana Joint Organisation

Phone: 02 6817 8800

OJO Inaugural Board Meeting

Last Updated: 22 Jun 2018